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Hemp CBD is our lesson

Hemp CBD

Let’s talk about CBD (Aspen times news)

Hemp CBD may help you with pain. No prescription needed and it doesn’t elevate you.

Dr. Mark Scialdone, Ph.D., president and principal consultant at BetterChem Consulting Inc., was a keynote speaker at Harvard Medical School’s CannMed conference in April. The cannabis conference was a “gathering of the greatest minds in medical cannabis research.”

According Scialdone, cannabinoids are chemical compounds found in the cannabis plant, and the two most commonly discussed are tetrahydrocannabinol, or THC, the cannabinoid responsible for a euphoric high, and cannabidiol, or CBD.


Hemp balms are what Pierson uses and credits for giving her life back and enabling her to hike Colorado 14ers again. Prior to using the balms, which contain CBDs, Pierson’s knees would swell like volleyballs and she had difficulty sitting down in addition to performing day-to-day tasks. Four years since she started using the CBDs, Pierson is doubtful she will ever return to allopathic medicine.

“CBDs are great anti-inflammatories. And they are not going to chew up your stomach like ibuprofen is. I can take CBDs in the a.m. and know that I am going to hike Holy Cross in two hours,” she said.


Pierson sold Colorado Hemp Honey at Sticky Fingers because hemp extract contains only CBD oil, which is legal to sell as a dietary supplement. Each morning, she puts it in her tea.


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